Academic Affairs

Medium of Instruction: Tamil

Other Languages Tau & Arabic

The Centre follows the same Education curriculum implemented by the Education Ministry of Sri Lanka

Special Education

  • The hearing impaired students at the Centre are taught through Sign Language & Lip Reading.
  • Speech impaired children are taught cued Speech and given speech therapy.
  • Sight impaired students are educated by verbal instruction & through Braille letters.
  • The children with learning difficulties are given a special education.
  • Physically Disabled students are imparted knowledge by a normal education.

Vocational Skills Training

Once the students have completed their school studies, they are, according to the degrees of their physical abilities, talents & skills, assigned to the professional skills training. A variety of vocational skills trainings is provided under the guidance of competent instructors.

Professional Skills Training courses

The following courses are available in general

For Boys

  • Tailoring
  • Composing
  • Computer studies
  • Candle MAKING
  • Lapidary (Gem Cutting)& Polishing
  • Broom Producing

For Girls

  • Embroidery
  • Computer Studies
  • Candle Making
  • Cookery
  • Jewelry Designing

The equipment necessary for training is available in the Centre.

Co Curriculum

The following areas are focused in the Co-curricular activities of the Inmates.

  • Physical Activities
  • Athletic sports
  • Games
  • Cultural & Religious Programs
  • Fine Arts
  • Drawing & Craft

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Remarkable Achievements in Curricular & Co- curricular Activities

  • National award for unrelenting efforts on social services offered by the Ministry of Social Services & Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
  • Disability welfare services award of 2nd position in the Gampaha District offered by the Social Services Department of Western Province of Sri Lanka.
  • Success of a hearing impaired child in grade 05 Scholarship examination.
  • Graduation of 02 visually impaired students from the Colombo University & obtaining employment in the public sector in Sri Lanka.
  • To continue higher studies of a hearing impaired boy at the Hong Kong University in Sign Language.
  • Winning the 01st & 02nd position in the Drawing contest conducted by the British High Commission in Sri Lanka.
  • 1st & 2nd Position in para Olympic International competitions. 100M & 200M Race respectively.

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